People & Possibilities

Speaker: I guess I initially kinda thought all government agencies were the same. There's a lot of politics involved and I can't say that any place is a perfect place to work. But the fact that I could come in as an IT professional and become a program manager and sort of progress through different phases of my career and work at the same place, have the same benefits, and there's still a huge number of opportunities available to me, that I haven't even exercised yet that I'm looking forward to in the future, all with the same employer. I don't know if you can say that about too many other places. We really have some amazing talent here, a diverse talent pool you get to work with, tons of different kinds of people, people who are business professionals, folks that are mathematicians, that are linguists; we have folks here that have patents, we have folks here that are pioneering new kinds of cryptography, new ways to protect and defend the country and it's just amazing to be a part of that.

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