Paid Time Off

Speaker: When you're a contractor, you're expected to work over and you don't get compensated for it. You work weekends. I have worked seven days a week. I have worked 12-hour days. I have worked at 3 in the morning. Not normal hours. When I became a government person, it was explained to me you work your normal work hours. Sometimes there are exceptions to the rule, where you will be compensated or you will be given credit hours if you work over, and I like that flexibility. I like that someone really cares and is going to give me a benefit for working over the time that I am required to work. So that has been one nice thing in the last couple of months – I feel like I've slowed down and I can actually enjoy my family, enjoy my husband, and I'm not tied to a computer when I go home. My work actually stays at work. My husband even says I'm not complaining as much, my stress level has gone down – the flexibility – I'm not working 80 hours in one week. I'm actually working 80 hours in two weeks now. So, my quality of life has definitely improved since I have been a government person. You know, we are protecting the citizens of the United States. We are making sure that we are always one step ahead of our adversaries. So, I think we are making a difference.

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