Commitment to Family

Speaker: I would say that NSA is an extremely family friendly environment. For someone like me who has a lot of commitments, both at work and at home, I find that it allows me not to be concerned that "Oh my god – I have to use another hour of leave; what is my boss going to think about that? Is it going to be difficult for me to get the time off even, because my son is sick again," for example, which is very common obviously with little children. And so far here at NSA, there has not been one instance where I have needed leave – for whatever the reason was – where I felt put upon, shall we say by management, or I felt stressed going to management saying, "I need an hour," or "I need a day," or whatever the reason would be. Compared to where I used to work, it's a completely different situation, night and day. Where there were times where I was concerned, not that they would fire me or anything like that – but, nonetheless there would be an effect to me in terms of future promotions or you know, let's not give that assignment to Andrea because she has too many things on her plate, or something like that. That's never once happened here.

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