Computer Science Opportunities

Speaker: I'm a computer scientist for the agency. I've always been interested in working for the agency. Just with the nature of the technology and what I do, you're talking about dealing with cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge initiatives. So, the agency was one of those organizations – or is one of those organizations – that kind of gives you the opportunity to get your hands into a lot of different things. So, that's really what kind of sparked my interest into it. Part of being a computer scientist is that problems are always waiting for you – you know what I mean? If you ever come to a point where you have a solution, you know five minutes later there is a problem right behind that solution. Cycling is the same way. Every day you try to see how far you can go, and then when you get on your bike the next day, you see, you try to actually make yourself ride farther than you did the previous day. So you're always constantly trying to improve yourself, and I think that kind of translates into the job. There have been plenty of times where certain things didn't come to me initially sitting at a desk, but then getting on the bike and going out and riding, or sitting in the park, or going somewhere and getting out of that element, the solution just came to me.

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