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From San Miguel, Philippines (USN-27)

Release 1

  1. 2/Q/VHN/R24-64; 310922Z Jul (71.1KB PDF)
  2. 2/Q/VHN/R25-64; 010546Z Aug (70.9KB PDF)
  3. 2/Q/VHN/R26-64; 011924Z Aug (43.6KB PDF)
  4. 2/Q/VHN/R27-64; 012152Z Aug (62.4KB PDF)
  5. 2/Q/VHN/R28-64; 022414Z Aug (43.4KB PDF)
  6. 2/Q/VHN/R29-64; 021232Z Aug (55.5KB PDF)
  7. 2/Q/VHN/R30-64; 021920Z Aug (130KB PDF)
  8. 2/Q/VHN/R31-64; 030120Z Aug (54.4KB PDF)
  9. 2/Q/VHN/R32-64; 031008Z Aug (50.4KB PDF)
  10. 2/Q/VHMIXR33-64; 031330Z Aug (51.7KB PDF)
  11. 2/Q/VHN/R34-64; 031332Z Aug (141KB PDF)
  12. 2/Q/VHN/R35-64; 031550Z Aug (46.8KB PDF)
  13. 2/Q/VHN/R36-64; 040312Z Aug (103KB PDF)
  14. 2/Q/VHN/R37-64; 040938Z Aug (55.8KB PDF)
  15. 2/Q/VHN/R38-64; 041632Z Aug (59.7KB PDF)
  16. 2/Q/VHN/R39-64; 041646Z Aug (41.4KB PDF)
  17. 2/Q/VHN/R40-64; 041716Z Aug (83.2KB PDF)
  18. 2/Q/VHN/R41-64; 041758Z Aug (71.9KB PDF)
  19. 2/Q/VHN/R42-64; 041850Z Aug (76.6KB PDF)
  20. 2/Q/VHN/R43-64; 050152Z Aug (64.0KB PDF)
  21. 2/Q/VHN/R44-64; 050526Z Aug (32.7KB PDF)
  22. 2/Q/VHN/R45-64; 060254Z Aug (154KB PDF)
  23. 2/Q/VHN/R46-64; 060348Z Aug (36.1KB PDF)
  24. 2/Q/VHN/R47-64; 061656Z Aug (82.4KB PDF)
  25. 2/Q/VHN/R48-64; 062324Z Aug (56.1KB PDF)
  26. 2/Q/VHN/R49-64; 071524Z Aug (76.3KB PDF)
  27. 2/Q/VHN/R50-64; 090336Z Aug (44.6KB PDF)
  28. Technical Supplement to 2/Q/VHN/R50-64; 090352Z Aug (39.2KB PDF)
  29. 2/Q/VHN/R51-64; 100328Z Aug (106KB PDF)
  30. 2/Q/VHN/R52-64; 100134Z Aug (96.8KB PDF)
  31. 2/K/VHN/R53-64; 101156Z Aug (162KB PDF)
  32. 2/Q/VHN/R03-64; 020416Z Aug (153KB PDF)
  33. ?/Q/VHN/R04; 021910Z Aug (39.6KB PDF)
  34. 2/QX/VHN/R05-64; 030456Z Aug (172KB PDF)
  35. 2/Q/VHN/R05-64 Change 1; 030706Z Aug (36.2KB PDF)
  36. 2/Q/VHN/R06-64; 040724Z Aug (190KB PDF)
  37. 2/Q/VHN/R07-64; 050530Z Aug (138KB PDF)
  38. 2/Q/VHN/R08-64; 060750Z Aug (148KB PDF)
  39. 2/Q/VHS/R36-QR; 031212Z Aug (97.6KB PDF)
  40. 2/Q/VHS/R37-64; 060158Z Aug (60.1KB PDF)
  41. 2/Q/VHS/R38-64; 100834Z Aug (202KB PDF)
  42. 2/Q/VHN/T13-64; 150918Z Apr (36.1KB PDF)
  43. 2/Q/VHN/T76-64; 010652Z Jul (71.4KB PDF)
  44. 2/Q/VHN/T123-64; 010406Z Aug (127KB PDF)
  45. 2/Q/VHN/T125-64; 010430Z Aug (60.3KB PDF)
  46. 2/Q/VHN/T126-64; 030450Z Aug (101KB PDF)
  47. 2/Q/VHN/T127-64; 040122Z Aug (57.6KB PDF)
  48. 2/Q/VHN/T128-64; 041838Z Aug (62.4KB PDF)
  49. 2/Q/VHN/T129-64; 050826Z Aug (65.4KB PDF)
  50. 2/Q/VHN/T130-64; 050828Z Aug (58.6KB PDF)
  51. 2/Q/VHN/T131-64; 050834Z Aug (52.0KB PDF)
  52. 2/Q/VHN/T132-64; 050900Z Aug (43.9KB PDF)
  53. 2/Q/VHN/T133-64; 050858Z Aug (41.2KB PDF)
  54. 2/Q/VHN/T134-64; 050948Z Aug (44.3KB PDF)
  55. 2/Q/VHN??135-64; 050950Z Aug (48.9KB PDF)
  56. 2/Q/VHN/T136-64; 061132Z Aug (48.9KB PDF)
  57. 2/Q/VHN/T137-64; 080216Z Aug (46.2KB PDF)
  58. 2/Q/VHN/T138-64; 080218Z Aug (43.7KB PDF)
  59. 2/Q/VHN/T139-64; 080222Z Aug (55.7KB PDF)
  60. 2/Q/VHN/T140-64; 080224Z Aug (76.8KB PDF)
  61. 2/Q/VHN/T141-64; 080226Z Aug (40.0KB PDF)
  62. 2/Q/VHN/T142-64; 080228Z Aug (47.8KB PDF)
  63. 2/Q/VHN/T143-64; 080232Z Aug (55.1KB PDF)
  64. 2/Q/VHN/T144-64; 080234Z Aug (47.2KB PDF)
  65. 2/Q/VHN/T145-64; 080236Z Aug (44.4KB PDF)
  66. 2/Q/VHN/T146-64; 080314Z Aug (46.4KB PDF)
  67. 2/Q/VHN/T147-64; 080316Z Aug (46.1KB PDF)
  68. 2/Q/VHN/T148-64; 080318Z Aug (45.0KB PDF)
  69. 2/Q/VHN/T149-64; 080320Z Aug (55.7KB PDF)
  70. 2/Q/VHN/T150-64; 080320Z Aug (56.9KB PDF)
  71. 2/Q/VHN/T151-64; 080324Z Aug (53.5KB PDF)
  72. qt 152-64 (45.4KB PDF)
  73. 2/Q/VHN/T153-64; 080438Z Aug (46.0KB PDF)
  74. 2/Q/VHN/T154-64; 080436Z Aug (55.9KB PDF)
  75. 2/Q/VHN/T155-64; 080434Z Aug (55.5KB PDF)
  76. 2/Q/VHN/T156-64; 080358Z Aug (47.4KB PDF)
  77. 2/Q/VHNKT157-64; 080356Z Aug (40.9KB PDF)
  78. 2/Q/VHN/T158-64; 080402Z Aug (39.1KB PDF)
  79. 2/Q/VHN/T159-64; 080400Z Aug (67.8KB PDF)
  80. 2/Q/VHN/T160-64; 080408Z Aug (56.3KB PDF)
  81. 2/Q/VHN/T161-64; 080404Z Aug (48.2KB PDF)
  82. 2/Q/VHN/T163-64; 080522Z Aug (50.5KB PDF)

Please Note: These historical documents are PDF images of formerly classified carbon paper and reports that have been declassified. Due to the age and poor quality of some of the PDF images, a screen reader may not be able to process the images into word documents. In accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, individuals may request that the government provide auxiliary aids or services to ensure effective communication of the substance of the documents. For such requests, please contact the Public Affairs Office at 301-688-6524.


Historical Document | Date Posted: Jan 15, 2009