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Related Command and Technical Messages
from 02 Aug 64 to 26 Aug 64 - Release 1

Release 1 | Release 2

  1. From DIRNSA B205/241-64; 020302Z Aug (64.7KB PDF)
  2. From DIRNSA B205/242-64; 020429Z Aug (31.8KB PDF)
  3. From CTG 72.1; 020531Z Aug (35.0KB PDF)
  4. From USN-27 Critic; 020716Z Aug (44.6KB PDF)
  5. From CTG 72.1; 020807Z Aug (16.7KB PDF)
  6. From CTG SEVEN SEVEN PT FIVE; 020808Z Aug (21.6KB PDF)
  7. From CTG 72.1; 020829Z Aug (37.3KB PDF)
  8. From DIRNSA B205/243-64; 020947Z Aug (81.5KB PDF)
  9. From CTG 72.1; 020949Z Aug (60.2KB PDF)
  10. From CINCPACFLT; 020919Z (25.6KB PDF)
  11. From CTG SEVEN SEVEN PT FIVE; 021008Z Aug (59.2KB PDF)
  12. From DIRNSA B205/244-64; 021124Z Aug (47.2KB PDF)
  13. From CINCPACFLT; 021226Z (53.4KB PDF)
  14. From CTU 72.1.2; 021443Z Aug (70.6KB PDF)
  15. From DIRNSA B205/245; 021615Z Aug (97.5KB PDF)
  16. From CTU 72.1.2; 022330Z Aug (23.6KB PDF)
  17. From CTU 72.1; 030745Z Aug (24.0KB PDF)
  18. From CTU 72.1.2; 031546Z Aug (30.7KB PDF)
  19. From DIRNSA B205/251/64; 040028Z Aug (149KB PDF)
  20. From USN 414T; 041115Z Aug (15.3KB PDF)
  21. From CTU 77.1.2; 041240Z Aug (18.4KB PDF)
  22. From CTG SEVEN SEVEN PT FIVE; 041336Z Aug (15.5KB PDF)
  23. From CTG SEVEN SEVEN PT FIVE; 041400Z Aug (35.8KB PDF)
  24. From CTG SEVEN SEVEN PT FIVE; 041434Z Aug (36.9KB PDF)
  25. From CTG 72.1; 041442Z Aug (11.6KB PDF)
  26. From To CINCPACFLT; 041452Z Aug (14.5KB PDF)
  27. From CTG 72.1; 041515Z Aug (19.8KB PDF)
  28. From JCS; DTG not avail (44.7KB PDF)
  29. From CINCPAC; 041547Z (16.8KB PDF)
  30. From CINCPAC; 041554Z (17.7KB PDF)
  31. From CINCPAC; 041607Z Aug (16.5KB PDF)
  32. From NAVCOMMSTA PHIL; 041616Z Aug (14.9KB PDF)
  33. From CINCPAC; 041718Z Aug (16.7KB PDF)
  34. From CTG SEVEN SEVEN PT FIVE; 041732Z Aug (44.0KB PDF)
  35. From     To AIG 181; 041754Z Aug (32.5KB PDF)
  36. From CINCPACFLT; 042014Z Aug (46.0KB PDF)
  37. From CINCPAC; 042035Z Aug (35.0KB PDF)
  38. From CTU 77.12; 042158Z Aug (246KB PDF)
  39. From CINCPAC; 042227Z Aug (19.6KB PDF)
  40. From JCS; 050124Z Aug (75.7KB PDF)
  41. From CINCPAC; 050424Z Aug (85.0KB PDF)
  42. From CINCPAC; 050445Z Aug (86.6KB PDF)
  43. From DIRNSA P055-238; 050735Z Aug (56.0KB PDF)
  44. From NSA F42/7580; 051025Z Aug (119KB PDF)
  45. From CINCPACFLT; 051219Z Aug (74.2KB PDF)
  46. From JCS; 051553Z Aug (35.8KB PDF)
  47. From JCS; 052303Z Aug (90.7KB PDF)
  48. From CINCPAC; 060347Z Aug (14.4KB PDF)
  49. From DIRNSA B205/258-64; 070118Z Aug (65.1KB PDF)
  50. From USN-467N; 070615Z Aug (36.5KB PDF)
  51. From HQ NSAPAC F403/2280; 080105Z Aug (44.7KB PDF)
  52. From DIRNSA B205/270; 130413Z Aug (68.9KB PDF)
  53. From Site Protected To DIRNSA; 140704Z Aug (54.9KB PDF)
  54. From DIRNSA to USN-27, DIR/219; 142135Z Aug (85.9KB PDF)
  55. From USN-467N to DIRNSA; 150515Z Aug (30.2KB PDF)
  56. From DIRNSA B26/361/64; 192024Z Aug (143KB PDF)
  57. From NSAPAC REP VIETNAM F46/2637; 200100Z Aug (37.7KB PDF)
  58. From HQ NSAPAC F403/2 47; 262020Z Aug (49.5KB PDF)
  59. From HQ NSAPAC; 110020Z Sep (77.9KB PDF)

Please Note: These historical documents are PDF images of formerly classified carbon paper and reports that have been declassified. Due to the age and poor quality of some of the PDF images, a screen reader may not be able to process the images into word documents. In accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, individuals may request that the government provide auxiliary aids or services to ensure effective communication of the substance of the documents. For such requests, please contact the Public Affairs Office at 301-688-6524.


Historical Document | Date Posted: Jan 15, 2009