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Press Release | Feb. 3, 2015

Administration Releases Report on Presidential Policy Directive-28/Signals Intelligence Activities; NSA Releases Specific Procedures to Implement

The administration's new report on Presidential Policy Directive-28 (PPD-28) takes a look at ongoing reform efforts related to U.S. Signals Intelligence activities and efforts to examine and enhance the civil liberties and privacy protections embedded in those activities. This report can be found at:

Section 4 of the PPD-28 directs the Intelligence Community to establish policies and procedures for safeguarding personal information collected during signals intelligence activities. NSA has created supplemental procedures which serve as the guidance and procedures for implementing this direction from the President, and extending comparable safeguards currently provided for U.S. persons to all persons, regardless of nationality.

NSA's Supplemental Procedures are available here: NSA Supplemental Procedures for PPD-28