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What is the most rewarding or the best aspect about working in government service?

This year for Public Service Recognition Week, we put that question to a few employees at the National Security Agency.

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“Many would probably say the best thing about working here is the mission–and that truly is great–but I would say the best thing about working here is the people. We have some of the most talented, resourceful employees who can move mission forward even in the face of adversity.”


“The best thing about working here is constant exposure to new things, ideas, technology and people.”


“The most rewarding aspect of working for the government and NSA over my two-decade career has been the fulfilling and gratifying feeling of knowing how very impactful the work of NSA employees is toward the security of our nation.”


“I love working for NSA because of the pride it gives me knowing that I’m helping to provide safety to the free world, even though I am not wearing a uniform, and being part of a team effort.”


Work / Life Balance
Work / Life Balance Education and Training Opportunities for Innovation and Advancement People – Greatest Resource!

“Working with the military has increased my awareness of our men and women in uniform, as well as their outstanding work and contributions to the mission. I have never been as grateful to them for their service as I am now.”


“The most rewarding aspect of working in the government are the multiple opportunities that are available to government employees to develop themselves either by formal education programs, certifications, agency classes, or peer-to-peer training. There are many opportunities available to government employees to develop themselves that range from the development of technical skills to leadership skills that can be used beyond the workplace.”


“The best part about working in public service / government is having the privilege to work with great people from all walks of life, all now marching toward common goals. I’ve met and worked with amazing people through the years, many of whom have inspired me in a variety of areas, personally and professionally.”

--J Clarke

“Outside of our amazing mission, work / life balance and programs such as the Nursing Mothers program show that the agency truly cares about the workforce. In a previous job, I had to pump in the supply closet. You can imagine how uncomfortable that was. The fact that the agency has rooms and supplies to help working moms shows the value that we add to the workforce, which has not gone unnoticed.”


“There are two things that are great about working here: the people and the opportunities. I work with the most incredible people, day in and day out at NSA, and always have. I can’t believe all the wonderful opportunities I’ve had at NSA, in terms of responsibility, impact, and development.”


“There are a lot of great aspects of working for the government. I love that I get to work with incredibly brilliant and dedicated people every day. I love that I can voice my ideas and have them heard. I love that NSA cares about me. I love that I have the ability to flex my time to meet my personal needs. I love that what I do matters.”


“Working at NSA provides so many opportunities throughout one’s career. Getting to see the world, work with incredibly talented and intelligent people, and serve the country by creating national security are all irreplaceable experiences at NSA. Wherever you are in your career, there is endless opportunity to learn and make a difference. And NSA is uniquely a place where you can have a whole career and see it change to new challenges and exciting events throughout the span. That is something unique to public service.”


“From time to time, I enjoy reflecting on the fact that I WORK FOR NSA! That is cool and is something I probably wouldn’t have believed possible when I was in college and graduate school.”


“Every day I get to put on my uniform and come to work knowing that I am surrounded by others like me who are willing to make big sacrifices on behalf of our country. I take pride in knowing that I am able to help advance the mission and am able to serve as mentor and leader for those who will take my place in the future.”


“The best thing about working for NSA is manyfold—satisfaction, opportunities, and flexibility. I have worked full time and part time. I bring dogs to the office, work on really hard problems, and have worked and continue to work with and for talented, smart, and dedicated professionals. I can’t imagine a better career.”


“Aside from the great benefits NSA has to offer, one of the best things about working here back when I was hired in 2011 was the fact that this agency recognizes and provided same sex married couple benefits. The agency not only provided me with an overseas experience, but also made sure that my spouse could also work at the field site. Besides serving our country, I knew I was in the right place.”