Have you ever wondered:
* How did that policeman know my mom was speeding?
* How does my friend's computer get the email messages that I just sent?
* How does a missile hit a target 100 miles away?
* How does an air traffic controller track airplanes on his/her screen?
* How does music get from the radio station to my radio speaker?

As a Signals Analyst, you will work with cutting edge technology to recover, understand, and derive intelligence from a variety of foreign signals found around the world. You will also attempt to identify the purpose, content, and user of these signals to provide critical intelligence to our nation’s leaders.

Dare to Prepare:

  • Take courses that focus on computer science, math, and engineering.
  • Seek opportunities to improve analytical thinking skills and problem solving skills.
  • Stay current with the changes and advances in technology through reading and research.
  • Understand the communication process and the tools used to communicate.