Do you like applying your knowledge of science to real world problems?
Do you like building robots, computers, or other mechanical devices?
Do you like building things with your hands or specialized tools?
Do you enjoy solving practical problems?

If so, a job as an Engineer or Physical Scientist at NSA might be the career for you! NSA Engineers work on a variety of projects developing solutions for Signals Analysis, Optics, Pattern Recognition technology, antenna systems and more. Not only will you be designing and testing products, but you will help analyze and establish product requirements, simulate tasks, and experiment with design concepts.

Dare to Prepare:

  • Excel in mathematics and science courses.
  • Learn to write well in order to convey the results of your work to others.
  • Take high school Advanced Placement (AP) courses in calculus, physics, and chemistry.
  • Get accepted into an engineering, physics, or chemistry program in college.