Do you enjoy solving crossword puzzles, cryptograms, and logic problems?
Do you like analyzing data and drawing conclusions based on that data?
Do you like working on computers?
Do you enjoy reading and writing?
Do you have a vivid imagination?

If so, you might want to think about becoming a Cryptanalyst at NSA. As a Cryptanalyst, you will use new technologies and creativity to analyze basic elements in a cipher code to find a solution to challenging problems. You will also have the ability to develop your own hardware and software to test hypotheses and develop creative solutions to challenging problems.

Dare to Prepare:

  • Take a variety of English classes that will develop your reading and writing skills.
  • Develop problem-solving skills by working on logic problems, crossword puzzles, and cryptograms.
  • Learn about the different types of codes and ciphers available to send secret messages.
  • Take college courses in research, computer science, cryptography, and communications.