Do you like to figure out ways to make things work better or faster?
Do you like designing web pages or developing online computer games?
Do you enjoy finding the limits and holes in computer systems?
Do you enjoy teaming up with others to find the best solution?
Do you enjoy "connecting the dots" and solving puzzles?
Do you enjoy problem solving?

If so, working as a Computer Scientist at the National Security Agency might be the job for you. As an NSA computer scientist, you can work in software and computer security engineering, computer and human interaction research, global computer network analysis, and much more.

Dare to Prepare:

  • Take a variety of math and computer programming courses in middle and high school.
  • Explore how your own computer works by learning about its operating system and how computer’s talk (or network) with each other.
  • Read about computer technology on the web, in books, and magazines.
  • Take challenging English classes to improve writing and analytic skills.
  • Design and develop web pages, write computer programs, and read source code.