Do you like mysteries and solving logic problems?
Do you like to research the answers to hard-to-solve questions?
Do you like reading about current events?
Do you like learning about world history?
Do you like reading and writing?

If so, you might want to work for the National Security Agency as an Intelligence Analyst. At NSA, an Intelligence Analyst scours the world looking for the answers to some of the nation's toughest questions. Whether working from their desk or offsite, the analyst’s job is to gather information, analyze it, and present their conclusions to U.S. policy makers, military leaders, and other government agencies regarding national concerns.

Dare to Prepare:

  • Take classes that focus on world history, geography, languages, international affairs, speech, and communication.
  • Take a variety of classes to strengthen your reading, writing, thinking, and speaking skills.
  • Focus on being organized, concise, and accurate when working on research projects.
  • Read the newspaper or watch televised world news reports daily to keep up with current events in the U.S. and around the world.