Do you like creating a theory to explain why something unexplainable happened?
Do you enjoy solving crossword puzzles and playing logic based games?
Do you like keeping statistics for your favorite sports teams?
Do you like solving math equations?

If so, then becoming an NSA Mathematician might be the job for you! At the National Security Agency there are a wide variety of assignments to choose from including Cryptanalysis (code breaking), mathematical research, and teaching. Our mathematicians have a strong foundation in basic math skills and specialize in different types of mathematics such as number theory, group theory, algebra, statistics, probability, and more!

Dare to Prepare:

  • Participate in math challenges, special problem solving groups, and puzzle competitions.
  • Develop reasoning and logic skills by solving logic-based puzzles and games.
  • Take as many basic math courses as possible to develop a strong understanding of math concepts and theories.