How to Encrypt a Caesar's Cipher

Step 1
Write down each letter of the alphabet. This is called a Standard Alphabet.

Then select a number that will be used as the KEY.

For our example, we will use 7 as our Key Number.

Step 2
Starting with the letter A in your Standard Alphabet, count seven letters to the right and write the letter A underneath the G.

Continue writing the remaining letters of the alphabet until you come to the end of the Standard Alphabet.

Step 3
Once you have reached the end of the Standard Alphabet, go back to the beginning and write in the remaining six letters.

Now you are ready to encrypt your message!

Step 4
Locate the first letter from your plaintext in the Standard Alphabet. The letter below it is the cipher letter. Follow this method for each letter.

For example: B=V, I=C, O=I

Step 5
There are many different kinds of Caesar Ciphers, or Shift Ciphers, as they are commonly called.

Try using shifted numbers or a key word cipher instead of letters for your next secret message!