NSA/CSS also does some amazing research to support our Signals Intelligence and Information Assurance missions, like Biometrics for instance. Biometrics is an area of study that tries to verify an individual's identity. You probably know someone who has an ATM card or some other type of card that has a special Personal Identification Number (PIN) they use to make it work. What if that card and number were stolen? Anyone else could use it right?

Well, Biometrics uses physical things about a person to identify them...things that can't be stolen, something special only to them like fingerprints. You've probably heard that no two people have the same exact fingerprints, right? For this reason, fingerprints are an excellent biometric trait. Other personal traits can be used as well - like iris printing (the colored part of your eye), voice pattern recognition, hand geometry, facial recognition, and even handwriting.

NSA/CSS researches new ways to make identification through biometric traits faster, easier, and more accurate. This research helps protect our Nation's secrets by allowing only people who are authorized to have certain information into files, computers, rooms, buildings, etc.

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