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Read Signal Magazine's Interview with IA Director Schaeffer

The October edition of Signal Magazine features an extensive interview with IA Director Dick Schaeffer on the Nation's broad and vigilant efforts to "maintain the edge in information assurance." In the interview, Mr. Schaeffer discusses the information assurance challenges presented by the widespread reliance on commercial technologies, by information sharing across diverse communities of interest, and by the need for cryptographic interoperability in a secure environment, a need addressed by the Suite B strategy.

Mr. Schaeffer also talks about the vulnerabilities that proliferate in a wireless environment and the rapid rate at which technology changes, both of which present daunting information assurance challenges. Finally, Mr. Schaeffer addresses the pressing need to grow a future cadre of information assurance professionals by inspiring students to study the "hard sciences," the dangers inherent in the Internet, and the imperative that government and industry collaborate to ensure our information and infrastructure are reliable and secure. Please read the full article here...



Date Posted: Nov 09, 2009 | Last Modified: Nov 19, 2009 | Last Reviewed: Nov 19, 2009