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Industrial Control Systems (ICS)

These publications are intended to help Industrial Control System (ICS) owners and operators in need of improving the security posture of their systems. The Information Assurance Directorate, Systems and Network Analysis Center (SNAC) of NSA is providing general guidance to help make ICS's more secure.

Title Last Reviewed File Size Revised
Securing Assets Within A Closed Network July 2015 577KB July 2015
Defending Risky Electronic Access Points July 2015 851KB July 2015
Managing Distributed Networks July 2015 388KB July 2015
A Framework for Assessing and Improving the Security Posture of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) June 2012 1,843KB Aug 2010


Date Posted: Jan 7, 2011 | Last Modified: Sep 24, 2015 | Last Reviewed: Sep 24, 2015