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Fact Sheets

Our fact sheets cover a wide variety of topics that provide information, discuss technology options, and provide recommendations.

Products that have aged, been superceded, or are no longer used are available in the Archived Security Guides section.

Fact Sheets Last Reviewed File Size Revised
Mitigations Against Current High Profile Attacks Sep 2015 609KB Sep 2015
Adobe® ColdFusion®1 Guidance Sep 2015 628KB Sep 2015
NSA Methodology for Adversary Obstruction Aug 2015 726KB Aug 2015
Defensive Best Practices for Destructive Malware Jan 2015 549KB Jan 2015
Bash Bug Oct 2014 568KB Oct 2014
IAD's Top 10 Information Assurance Mitigation Strategies Sep 2014 1306KB Sep 2014
Mitigating Open SSL TLS/DTLS Heartbeat Extension Vulnerability Update Jul 2014 472KB May 2014
Enforcing No Internet or E-Mail Access from Privileged Accounts Jul 2014 387KB Jul 2014
Defending Against the Exploitation of SQL Vulnerabilities to Compromise a Network Jul 2014 760KB Jul 2014
Random Number Generators (RNG): Introduction for Application Developers Jul 2014 820KB Jul 2014
Random Number Generators (RNG): Introduction for Operating System Developers Jul 2014 798KB Jul 2014
Best Practices for Securing a Home Network Jul 2014 414KB Jul 2014
Information Assurance Guidance for Identity Theft Threat and Mitigations May 2014 650KB May 2014
Information Assurance Guidance for Microsoft Windows XP End Of Life July 2014 315KB July 2014
Hardening Deployed Web Applications Apr 2014 1275KB Apr 2014
Host Mitigation Package (HMP) Dec 2013 1246KB Dec 2013
Cloud Security Considerations Dec 2013 1424KB Dec 2013
Hardening Network Infrastructure Security Recommendations for System Accreditors May 2013 321KB May 2013
Building Web Applications Security Recommendations for Developers Apr 2013 260KB Apr 2013
Configuring Windows To Go as a Mobile Desktop Solution Nov 2012 3197K Nov 2012
Securing Data and Handling Spillage Events Oct 2012 443K Oct 2012
Mobile Device Management: A Risk Discussion for IT Decision Makers Aug 2012 756KB Aug 2012
Mobile Device Management: Capability Gaps for High-Security Use Cases Aug 2012 738KB Aug 2012
Defending Against Compromised Certificates Jul 2012 365KB Jul 2012
Mitigation Monday #3: Defense Against Malware on Removable Media Jun 2012 1.01MB Jun 2012
New Smartphones and the Risk Picture Jun 2012 315KB Apr 2012
Security Tips for Personally-Managed Apple iPhones and iPads Jun 2012 513KB Jan 2012
Protect Against Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Attacks Jun 2012 373KB Nov 2011
Enforcing No Internet or E-mail from Privileged Accounts Jun 2012 852KB Jun 2011
Hardening Authentication Factsheet Aug 2012 755KB Sep 2012
Host Protection Technology Study Jun 2012 9969KB Apr 2011
Unified Communications (UC) Technical Primer Jun 2012 481KB Jan 2011
Securing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Control Systems (CS) Jun 2012 107KB Feb 09
So Your Boss Bought you a New Laptop...How do you identify and disable wireless capabilities Jun 2012 883KB May 07



Date Posted: Jan 15, 2009 | Last Modified: Oct 15, 2015 | Last Reviewed: Oct 15, 2015