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Rowlett Award Nomination Procedures

Please Note: National Security Agency elements and individuals are not eligible for IA National Awards. Contractors are not eligible for Rowlett Awards.

Nominations are due in May of each year.

Rowlett Trophy

Rowlett Trophy


Step 1: Download the instruction booklet: Step 2: Download the appropriate form: Step 3: Complete the form electronically.
    Remember the following:
  • Click the gray text entry area to enter text into a field.
  • Properly and completely portion-mark for classification (including U//FOUO).
  • Enter the names and titles of all required endorsers in the appropriate fields on the signature page prior to printing the form.
Step 4: In the header and the footer, replace "CLASSIFICATION MUST BE UPDATED WHEN FORM IS COMPLETED" with the correct classification level for the document.

Date Posted: Jan 15, 2009 | Last Modified: May 4, 2012 | Last Reviewed: May 4, 2012