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User Partnership Program

The User Partnership Program (UPP) is designed to assist U.S. Government departments and agencies to develop effective IA solutions for unique user requirements. Under the UPP, the customer (user) organization is responsible for contracting and funding the development of the product. NSA, in cooperation with the customer's Program Manager, establishes the security requirements and specifications, performs an evaluation to ensure compliance with the requirements, and authorizes the use of the product for its intended application.

What is the process to initiate a UPP agreement?

  1. U.S. Government customer contacts their respective Client Advocate
  2. The Client Advocate provides the customer with Product Summary Questionnaire (PSQ)
  3. Customer completes and submits PSQ
  4. Business case is determined
  5. Customer provides a detailed briefing/proposal
  6. Detailed proposal is reviewed for technology and market
  7. Product is accepted into program
  8. NSA and the customer enter into a legal agreement
  9. NSA, the customer, and vendor participate in a security evaluation
  10. NSA certifies the security embedded within the product/service

Date Posted: Jan 15, 2009 | Last Modified: Nov 03, 2015 | Last Reviewed: Nov 03, 2015