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Commercial Satellite Protection Program (CSPP)

The CSPP is a specialized segment of the COMSEC Evaluation Program that provides information assurance design guidance, evaluation, and analysis of space systems and/or their components to manufacturers of commercial communication satellites. This program is open to all U.S. Government, foreign government, and commercially (foreign or domestic) owned and operated space systems that require the use of NSA-approved cryptographies and cryptographic techniques. The CSPP follows the process used for the Commercial COMSEC Evaluation Program and User Partnership Program.

The CSPP operates under the guidance outlined in CNSSP No. 12, and provides the following:

  • Information assurance guidance and assistance for the design, development, manufacture, acquisition, launch, operation, and decommissioning of space systems.
  • Support the assessment of the overall security posture of space systems, and identify information assurance related vulnerabilities upon the request of the customer.
Programs and vendors are encouraged to engage the NSA prior to contract award, and preferably during requirements development for the program, which will assist to minimize the cost and schedule risks associated with security requirements and evaluation processes.

The overall mission of the CSPP is to propagate a culture of compliance in information security to the space industry as a whole, bringing forth enhanced security and availability to the customers.


Date Posted: Nov 14, 2008 | Last Modified: Sep 4, 2013 | Last Reviewed: Sep 4, 2013