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Commercial COMSEC Evaluation Program

The Commercial COMSEC Evaluation Program (CCEP) is a development program for IA products. Under the CCEP, NSA enters into a business relationship with a vendor to develop and produce products that are of direct and obvious benefit to improving the IA posture for DoD customers.

NSA applies its limited IA resources to evaluate those products that best provide for widespread availability of quality, inexpensive, secure communications systems for use by the U.S. Government. Interested vendors must complete a CCEP Product Summary Questionnaire. The answers to that questionnaire are the basis for the CCEP decision. Information in the vendor's product proposal is measured against national IA needs and priorities to determine the suitability of a potential product.

What is the process to initiate a CCEP agreement?

  1. Product vendor contacts Business Affairs Office
  2. NSA provides vendor with Product Summary Questionnaire (PSQ)
  3. Vendor completes and submits PSQ
  4. Business case is determined
  5. Vendor then submits a detailed proposal
  6. Detailed proposal is reviewed for technology and market
  7. Product is accepted into program
  8. NSA and Vendor enter into a legal agreement
  9. NSA and Vendor participate in a security evaluation
  10. NSA certifies the security embedded within the product/service

Date Posted: Jan 15, 2009 | Last Modified: Apr 23, 2012 | Last Reviewed: Apr 23, 2012