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Welcome to the Change the World web page. Here you can have fun solving puzzles and exploring the world of cryptology. Don't forget to check back with us as we will be regularly updating the page with new fun facts, puzzles and brain teasers! So, go forth, do good things and Change the World.

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Check Out This Online Competition for 6th through 12th graders!

Want to register for an upcoming online cyber "hacking" competition? From 26 April through 6 May, you can experience and practice offensive and defensive computer skills! All teams are run by students for students, hosted by Carnegie Mellon University! For more information and to register, click on the links below.

... Be Cyber Smart

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Be a password protector!

Try this: Take four random words…take the first three letters of each word, make some letters upper case and others lower case, then add any two or three numbers and then some character like @#$%&... the password should be at least 14 characters and memorable (or write it down but protect it). You should have a different password for each account that you have!

Password Security - Who do you share your passwords with? Hopefully, only you and your parents know your private passwords! No one else should have them - not your friends, teachers, or other family members.

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Be a gaming genius!

What is your online name? Is it a safe name? Make sure you make up an alternate name that doesn’t give away any information about who you really are! Cyber sleuths never reveal their true identity except to trusted adults, like your parents!

Do you use an avatar? You should. While cameras and webcams are popular, they also reveal who you are. When gaming, keep your true identity a mystery.

Want to try your hand at finding some familiar computer terms in our word scramble?

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Be a savvy social networker!

First thing for any savvy social networker is to access your own privacy and security settings so that only people you know can access your social networking site.

If you are involved in social gaming with people you don’t know, stay in control and stay comfortable. Stay in disguise and if you suspect someone is “gaming” you or asking too many personal questions, tell your parents or a trusted adult. Keep track of what the person is saying, but do not communicate or send chats to them.

Do you download “cheat” programs that promise information to how to perform better or beat a game? Sometimes cheat downloads are used to implant a virus or malware on your computer!

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Be cyber courteous!

It is too easy to hide behind a computer! A cyber smart person never says anything online that they wouldn’t say in person. Remember that what you write in an email can usually be retrieved and shared with others, so be responsible with emails, chats, and online communications.

Date Posted: Jul 25, 2012 | Last Modified: Apr 05, 2013 | Last Reviewed: Apr 05, 2013