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NSA employs a wide variety of business professionals who play a critical role in protecting our Nation's security every day. We rely on the skills of our Acquisition, Finance, and Business Management professionals to support the internal infrastructure of a federal agency comparable in size and budget to the top 10% of Fortune 500 companies.

Acquisition, Finance, and Business Management
Responsibilities in Acquisition, Finance, and Business Management include the following:

  • Acquisition: Formulate acquisition strategies; plan execution schedules; execute contracts for goods and services; streamline the acquisition process; and manage a portfolio of core programs pivotal to NSA's transformation.

  • Finance: Build and execute budgets for multiple years; produce NSA's financial reports, including financial statements; prepare NSA for upcoming financial statement audit; perform accounting and auditing functions; effect payments; analyze financial data; reengineer financial business processes; and implement a modern, integrated financial management system.

  • Business Management: Develop program/budget estimating; assemble procurement documentation; participate in the evaluation of contractor cost proposals; prepare cost estimating data for prospective acquisitions; perform contractor cost and schedule performance measurement tasks; monitor contractor performance through burn rate analysis; and assist the program management team and leadership with strategic business planning and economic analysis.

Career Paths in Acquisition, Finance, and Business Management
NSA offers a multitude of opportunities in Acquisition, Finance, and Business Management. Major positions in these fields are listed below. Please check our Web site periodically for our current openings.

  • Accountant
  • Acquisition Logistics Specialist
  • Budget Analyst
  • Business Manager
  • Business Technologist
  • Contracting Specialist
  • Corporate Acquisition Planning and Oversight Specialist
  • Cost and Price Analyst
  • Finance and Accounting Analyst
  • Finance and Accounting Technician
  • Manpower Management Analyst
  • Program Manager
  • Purchasing Specialist
  • Resource Programmer

Acquisition, Finance, and Business Management Career Development Programs
Excellent opportunities exist for new hires to participate in the Acquisition, Contracting, or Financial Management Career Development Programs. These highly competitive programs are designed to enhance aspiring professionals' skills and knowledge in their career field at NSA. In addition, candidates gain experience through rotational assignments and education obtained from colleges and universities, including the Defense Acquisition University (DAU), which is recognized across the entire Department of Defense.

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Date Posted: Jan 15, 2009 | Last Modified: Mar 12, 2015 | Last Reviewed: Mar 12, 2015