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The NSA Certified TEMPEST Test Services List (CTTSL) is a list of commercial TEMPEST test service facilities which NSA has certified - under the auspices of the NSA CTTSP - for use by Government departments and agencies, U.S. Government contractors, and eligible U.S. TEMPEST product manufacturers, to conduct TEMPEST testing related to the development and production of TEMPEST products. NSA certification of a TEMPEST test service facility is a statement that the facility complies with the technical, security, personnel, equipment, and operational requirements specified in the CTTSP Technical and Security Requirements Document (TSRD).

NSA certification and placement of a facility on the CTTSL occurs when the Company demonstrates that it operates test service facilities with the requisite personnel, test equipment inventory, calibration and maintenance requirements delineated in the TSRD.

NSA does not make, by virtue of its certification, any warranty or representation regarding the quality of services provided by the certified facility.

The CTTSP is an adjunct to the U.S. Government TCP, which is responsible for the certification of TEMPEST professionals.

Companies desiring information concerning the process and requirements for obtaining NSA certification of a TEMPEST test service facility under the auspices of the CTTSP should contact:

FT. MEADE MD 20755-6708
ATTN: National TEMPEST Operations, Suite 6708
Charles Williams, 410-854-8478


Date Posted: Sep 25, 2014 | Last Modified: Sep 25, 2014 | Last Reviewed: Sep 25, 2014