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CAE-Cyber Operations Announcements

The National Security Agency (NSA) is pleased to announce five new National Centers of Academic Excellence (CAE) in Cyber Operations for academic years 2014 - 2019:

  • Polytechnic School of Engineering, New York University (New York)
  • Towson University (Maryland)
  • United States Military Academy at West Point (New York)
  • University of Cincinnati (Ohio)
  • University of New Orleans (Louisiana)
These five institutions meet the highly-rigorous academic and programmatic criteria required to achieve designation as a CAE in Cyber Operations (please see the complete list of the CAE-Cyber Operations schools). This program is in support of NICE - the President's National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education: Building a Digital Nation, and it furthers the goal of broadening the pipeline of skilled workers capable of supporting a cyber-secure nation.

The CAE-Cyber Operations Program is intended to identify institutions offering a curriculum that is deeply technical, interdisciplinary, and firmly grounded in computer science, computer engineering and/or electrical engineering, with extensive opportunities for hands-on applications via labs/exercises. The CAE-Cyber Operations Program complements NSA's existing CAEs in Information Assurance Education and Research Programs, and provides a particular emphasis on technologies and techniques related to specialized cyber operations (e.g., collection, exploitation, and response) to enhance the security posture of our nation. These technologies are critical to intelligence, military and law enforcement organizations authorized to perform these specialized operations.


Date Posted: Jan 12, 2014 | Last Modified: Aug 18, 2014 | Last Reviewed: Aug 18, 2014