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Middle School Concept Development Units - Algebra

Pre-Algebra | Algebra/Graphing/Statistics | Geometry | Number Sense | Interdisciplinary
Modeling Linear Relationships Grades 8-10
Sampling for a Rock Concert Grades 7-12
EI-EI-O Grades 7-9
Sloping It Up Grade 8
Chances are More than Just a Chance Grades 6 - 8, Algebra I
Measures of Central Tendency Grades 6 - 8, Algebra I
Decoding the Mysteries of Chance: Concepts in Probability Grades 6-8
Integers Grades 6-7
It's Probably Probable! Grades 6-8
Ratios, Fibonacci, Golden Ratio - There's the Problem! Grades 6-8
Deciphering Word Problems in Order to Write Equations Grades 7-8
Reel Connections Grade 8, Algebra
Solving Equations: A Kinesthetically Engaging Approach Grades 7-8
The Ins and Outs of Functions Grades 7-8
Three Ways to Solve Two-Step Linear Equations Advanced 6th,
Pre-Algebra 7th,
Pre-Algebra 8th
Variable Expressions in Algebra Grade 7
Feature Presentation: Data Analysis, Starring Box-and-Whisker Plots Grades 6-8
Interpreting Slope as a Rate of Change Algebra I
The Changing Face of America: Who Are We? Grades 7-8
How High (Patterns and Functions) Grades 6-8
Probability in the 6th Grade Grade 6
What's Slope Got to Do with It? Grades 7-9, Algebra I
Show Me the Graphs! Grades 7-8
Let's Have a Pizza Party Grades 6-8
Parking Meter Mania Grades 5-7
State Lottery -- How Good Are Your Chances? Grades 8-9
The Coming of Census 2000 Grades 6-8
Winning Is the Sweetest Reward! Grades 7-9
Asian Homes Grades 6-8
Number by Number, Which Team Is the Best Grades 6-8
Nutrition, Exercise, and Mathematics Grades 6-8
The Candy Caper! Grades 6-7
The Only Game in Town Grades 6-8
To Foul or Not to Foul? Grades 6-8
A Stroke of Genius Grades 6-7
Can We Have a Dance? Grades 7-8
It's Batty!! Grades 6-8
Let's Go to the Carnival Grades 6-8
When I Grow Up I Want to... Grades 6-10
Are You a Hot Shot? Grades 5-8
Grasping at Graphs Grades 7-8
Patterns with Equilateral Triangles Grades 6-8
The Smart Move Wins (Is This a "Fair Game?") Grades 7-8
Sweet Charity Grades 7-9
Anatomath with the TI-80 Grades 7-8
Approximation of Pi Grades 8-9, Honors Algebra
Authentic Variation Grades 7-8
Catch and Release! Grades 6-8
Does It Fit? Pre-Algebra,
Algebra I, Algebra II
Have You Heard about the Herd? Grades 6-8
Some Like It Hot! Grades 7-8
Two Different Numbers Can Represent... Grades 6-8
Which Line Fits Best? Grades 8-9, Algebra
Which Sells Best? Grades 6-8

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