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Elementary School Concept Development Units - Probability/Patterns

Arithmetic | Data Analysis/Probability | Fractions | Geometry | Measurements | Patterns/Algebraic Thinking
Outside Algebra Grade 3
Patterns in Nature Grade 2
Robot School Functions Grade 2
Variables: A Quest for the Unknown Grades 4-5
Escape from the Zoo and the Clean Up Crew Grade 2
Patterning Through the Rainforest Grades 3-4
Playworld Amusement Park Grades 5-6
The Crazy Carnival Grade 5
A Parade of Patterns Grades 2-3
Pardon My Expression Grades 5-6
Patterns, Patterns, Everywhere Grade 2
Pepe's Problematic Pizzeria Grade 4
Planting Patterns and Fun with Functions Grades 4 (advanced) - 5
The King's Rule Grade 5
Algebra Pond Grades 2-3
Equations and Expressions Grade 5
From One- to Two-Operation Function Table Grade 5
Fun Functions Grade 4
Functions and Folktales Grades 4-5
Repeated Patterns, Growing Patterns, and Functions Grade 3, Second Language Learners
Roller Functions! Grade 4
Stomping Away at Growing Patterns - Applying Real-life Applications to Non-Numeric Growing Patterns Grades 2-3
Zoomatician Grade 3-4
Building Patterns with Polygons Grades 3-4
Describing, Extending and Generating, Growing Patterns and Numeric Patterns Grade 3
Equations, Function Tables & Graphs: Tool for Building School Store Success Grade 5
Function Tables with The Magic Function Machine Grades 3-4
Missing Addends: Rewind and Find Grade 2
Out of This World Multiplication Grades 3-4
Pattern Play Grades 3-4
Patterns, Functions and Equations: Cognitive, Concrete Connection Grade 5
Pet Store Grades 3-4
The Great Unknowns Grades 2-3
Attributes and Patterns Grade 2
Functions -Day Trips Grades 4-5
Growing Patterns: How do they grow? | Part II | Part III Grades 1-2
Missing Number Story Structure Grades 1-2
Perfect Patterns Grades 2-3
Repeating Patterns, Repeating Patterns | Part II | Part III Grade 3
The Rhythm of Equations Grades 4-5
Order of Operation - Dr. X. Pression | Part II | Part III Grade 4
Back To School With Patterns Grades 2-3
Butterfly Growing Patterns Grades 1-2
Don't Spill Over Grades 2-3
Exploring Growing Patterns Grades 4-5
Function Fever Grade 5
Patchwork Patterns Grades 2-3
Pattern Bracelet Buddies Grade 3
Patterns, Patterns, Everywhere Grades 1-2
Patterns Rule Grades 5-6
Doing It Again, Repeating Patterns Grades 4-5
Concept Development Unit: Growing and Repeating Patterns through Manipulatives Grades 2-3
Exploring Repetitive and Growing Patterns Grades 3-4
Function Junction Grades 4-6
It's All Variable Grade 3
Missing Numbers Amusement Park Grades 2-3
Patterns: Recognition, Creation and Applications Grades 4-6
Repeating and Growing Patterns: Calling All Patterns Grades 2-3
Repeating Patterns: Progressing With Patterns Grades 2-3
Bar Graphs Grades 2-3
Copycat Grades 2-3
Fun with Binary Birthday Candles Grades 4-6
Function Fun Grades 4-5
Games Galore Grades 2-5
Grow Pattern Growwwwwwwwww! Grades 4-5
Growing Patterns Grades 4-5
How Many Bumps on a Pineapple? Grade 5
Maybe It Will, Maybe It Won't Grades 2-3
Numeric Patterns of 2s, 5s, and 10s Grade 2
Patterning Our Way To Savings Grade 3
Patterns On The Move Grade 1
A Day at the Bay Grades 3-4
Algebra Across the Year Grades 4-6
Apples. . . Let's Take a Bite of Mathematics Grades PreK-2
Finelli and Company Catering Grades 3-5
Pizza Patterns Grades 1-2
What's In A Quilt? Grade 3
Do You See the Pattern? Grades 3-5
Moving with Patterns Grades 3-4
Not Afraid of Patterns Grades 2-3
Patterns All Around Us Grades 3-4
Pyramid of Patterns Grades 3-4
Sign It! Shapes and Patterns in Our World Grades K-3
Candy Factory Espionage Grades 4-5
Exploring Patterns Grades 3-4
Pattern Olympics Grade 5
Let's Quilt It! Grades 4-5
Pattern Explosion Grades 3-4
Special Education
Patterns in Literature Grade 3
Powerful Patterns Grades 3-4
Quilts, "A FUNdraising Experience" Grades 4-6
Saving Those Wonderful Wetlands Grades 4-5
The Case of the Jinxed Jewels Grades 3-5
The Maryland Crabbers Grades 3-5
Tile Style Grades 2-3
Toy Factory Grades 3-4
Beary Good Pattern Skills Grades K-2
Everything Comes Up Roses Grades 3-7
Growing Patterns Grades 3-4
Let's Celebrate! Grade 3
Our School Looks Cool! Grades 3-4
Out of This World Functions! Grades 4-5
Pathways to Patterns Grades 4-5
Patterns Your Way Grades 4-5
Patternsville Grade 3
A City Under Construction Grade 3
Create-a-Carnival Grades 2-5
Ecological Functions Grades 4-5
Happy Birthday! Grades 2-3
Let's Be Fair! Grade 3
Let's Make Connections with Patterns! Grades 4-5
Let's Open the Door to Patterns and Problem Solving Grades 3-5
Let the Games Begin! Grades 3-5
Meet a Mathematician Grades 4-5
Patterns, Patterns Everywhere Grade 3
The Hundred Day Quilt Grades 2-3
A Day at the Amusement Park Grades 3-4
All That Glitters... Grades 3-4
Election Mania Grades 4-6
Shish Kebabs Grades 3-4
Tall Tale Rollers Grades 4-6
The Big Picture Grade 5
The Chances Are... Grades 3-5
Crazy Critter Combos or A Crash Course on Creative Combinations Grades 4-6
Math Through The Ages--A Study of Patterns in Number Systems Grades 5-6
Nature's Showcase (Patterns) Grades 3-4
Neighborhood Math: How Does Your Community Store Add Up? Grades 4-6
POGability Grade 3
Problem Solving, Pattern Building Grades 4-5
Stories, Stories, Books, Stories, Stories, Books, Stories, Stories, Books... Grade 3

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