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STEM Education Partnership Program

Mathematics and NSA, a Long Term Partnership

The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Education Partnership Program (MEPP) is a National Security Agency outreach program to promote mathematics and science education at non-profit educational institutions. Working within the Associate Directorate of Education and Training, the MEPP staff coordinates the activities of hundreds of Agency volunteers.

Much effort is concentrated on helping local area schools through four main programs listed below.

  • The Mathematics Speakers Bureau: Speakers visit schools and present a variety of interactive mathematics and science talks authored by the volunteers.
    Current Speaker's Bureau Catalog of Topics
    NSA Mathematics Speaker's Bureau Request Form
    NSA Math Speaker's Bureau Evaluation Form for Teachers
  • The School Partnerships Program: Continuing relationships are maintained between schools and volunteers who spend part of their work week providing tutoring, computer help, or math and science enrichment activities.
  • Math/Science Fair Judges: NSA provides judges to local K-12 math/science fairs.
  • Grants and Cooperative Agreements: NSA has a small, competitive grants program for STEM-related student programs and teacher development opportunities. Requests for proposals are sent to interested parties once a year. Email for information on how to apply.

Other Mepp Resources

Mailing Address

National Security Agency
ATTN: MEPP, Suite 6637
9800 Savage Rd.
Ft. Meade, MD 20755-6637

Contact MEPP

Phone: 301-688-6214
Fax: 443-479-1193


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