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 8 STEPS POSTER V2.4.PDF8 STEPS POSTERThe National Security Agency's Technology Transfer Program (NSA TTP) has six hot technologies - developed right here at NSA - that might help your company gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Covering a spectrum of disciplines like voice recognition, data analysis, and computer forensics, on of these patented innovations could be exactly what you need! Not sure where to start? Check out our 8 Steps Poster to find out.
 DOD-LICENSING-STUDY-2017.PDFDOD-LICENSING-STUDY-2017This annual report published by TechLink on behalf of the Department of Defense (DoD) confirms that Patent License Agreements (PLA) initiated and executed by the NSA TTP create significant and growing economic impact. PLAs provide a way to increase the economic impact of federally-funded NSA research by giving companies the right to commercially develop NSA technologies, moving them from the lab to the commercial marketplace.
 EXTERNAL-BROCHURE.PDFEXTERNAL-BROCHURELeverage NSA Technology - Gain Market Advantage
 SPARC.PDFSPARCScalable Partnerships Assessing Research Commercialization
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