As a federal laboratory, NSA is mandated to make mission-developed technology available for use in the public sector. This means that businesses, nonprofits, and institutions of any size have access to the cutting-edge capabilities created by NSA’s leading innovators. The NSA Technology Transfer Program (TTP) helps businesses interested in licensing NSA technology through Patent License Agreements (PLAs).   

A PLA is an agreement that allows businesses to license patented NSA technology for commercial purposes. These agreements can be exclusive or non-exclusive, and the terms of each PLA are negotiated individually. Once a PLA is in place, the NSA TTP continues to be a partner for business, connecting companies to valuable resources throughout the innovation ecosystem.


Why Should You License NSA Technology?

  • Create new products or enhance your current products
  • Achieve market advantage by accessing innovative technology
  • Save time and money by leveraging federal research and development (R&D) resources
  • Launch a company around one of our technologies