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SELinux Related Work

The Flask architecture demonstrated in the security enhanced Linux® reference implementation has been ported to several other operating systems, including the Solaris™ operating system, the FreeBSD® operating system, and the Darwin kernel, has been ported to the Xen™ hypervisor, and has been applied to applications such as the X Window System, D-BUS and PostgreSQL. The concepts of the Flask architecture are broadly applicable to a wide range of systems and environments. Some of these related efforts have been described in the papers and slides available on the documentation page, and some have been mainstreamed into the respective upstream projects. Links are provided below for some of these related efforts that have their own external project site.

Operating Systems


  • The Xen Security Modules (XSM) framework and the Xen Flask security module is an application of the Flask architecture to the Xen hypervisor. This work has been upstreamed to Xen as of Xen 3.2.


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