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NSA Partners with Schools

What does NSA do with schools?

To meet future national security challenges, NSA partners with schools to develop the talent and tools we need by:

  • Funding skill development programs like summer camps
  • Promoting development of curricula for growing career fields such as cybersecurity
  • Sponsoring skills and research paper competitions
  • Hosting student interns and co-ops
  • Awarding research grants and funding research labs and projects

These partnerships help cultivate the next generation of experts in science, technology, engineering, math, language and analysis. They broaden the pool of skilled cybersecurity professionals who can protect our nation from cyberattacks. Our academic partnerships foster interest in critical need foreign languages. They also advance science through research and innovation that benefits the country even beyond NSA's need to apply emerging technologies to our mission.

What's available for me?

We have partnership opportunities at both the college/university level and the kindergarten-12 level. If you are a student, an educator or an academic researcher, check out what we have to offer below.

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CAE-CD Program Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary!

Since 1999, CAE-CD colleges and universities  have educated our nation's first cyber responders. Learn more about the role of CAE-CD schools in developing the tools and talent needed to help defend our national security.