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Our talented workforce is working hard 24/7/365 to ensure customers receive the critical intelligence and cybersecurity products and services needed to accomplish their mission and to protect the Nation. Partnerships and policies are necessary for success.

Sub-Topics: Operational Security, Public/Private Partnerships, Civil Liberties/Privacy, Overview of U.S. Cyber Command partnership, Cryptologic Centers, Cybersecurity Policy, Intelligence Oversight


Please complete this form in its entirety - we cannot process your request until we receive a completed version. If there are fields that do not apply, please type “N/A”. DO NOT LEAVE IT BLANK or it will result in non-submission. The form must be submitted at least 45 days before the event. Otherwise we cannot guarantee your invitation will be processed in time for a final decision. Information provided in the form may be shared with SpeakersNSA participants or coordinators for coordination purposes. 

After completing this form, please send a current agenda (draft agendas are acceptable) for your event to SpeakersNSA@nsa.gov .

NOTE: Submission of this Speaker Invitation Request Form does not authorize the requestor to use the name, title, photograph, or biography of the requested speaker as well as the National Security Agency/Central Security Service and U.S. Cyber Command in any form of marketing materials. Official notification of acceptance or decline will be provided to the requestor upon completion of our legal and public affairs vetting process. 









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