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Recycling - Saving Government Funds and Preserving Our Landfills

NSA strives to maintain world-class environmental programs that protect the environment and health of our employees, customers and communities. NSA continues to operate in a manner that not only complies with laws and regulations but also demonstrates responsible environmental stewardship while maintaining a positive relationship with the community.

If you have recently purchased a personal computer (PC), printer, or flat-screen monitor for your home, you've had first-hand experience with how much Styrofoam and cardboard packing materials are contained in those boxes. NSA purchases a fair number of PCs throughout any given year, resulting in a large volume of Styrofoam and cardboard that require disposal. To efficiently manage these materials, NSA has implemented recycling initiatives for Styrofoam, cardboard, and wooden pallets, which results in the government realizing notable cost savings while diverting a substantial amount of waste from the Millersville landfill. One such effort is the leasing of large compacting dumpsters used for cardboard recycling. These allow the NSA to recycle greater quantities of material while also reducing hauling costs.

In addition, two new recycling initiatives have been implemented - the recycling of cable reels and the recycling and reclaiming of wooden pallets. By recycling cable reels, NSA reduces landfill waste and realizes large cost savings in hauling and landfill fees. The same is true of recycling wooden pallets, and reusing pallets that are in good condition reduces the number of new pallets that must be purchased, resulting in even more of a tax payer savings.

NSA will continue to research ways to improve our recycling programs, conserve our resources, and reduce NSA's volume of landfill waste.