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NSA's Green Fleet

NSA continues its commitment to protecting the environment by seeking ways to reduce our carbon footprint and conserve energy across the enterprise.

NSA quickly recognized the need to "green" the NSA fleet of vehicles and purchased fuel-efficient vehicles - ones capable of utilizing flex-fuels or no fuel at all - to reduce the impact on the environment and set an example for the use of emerging clean-air technologies.

Several alternative fuel vehicles that utilize hybrid E85 flex-fuel natural gas or global electric motor technologies have been introduced into the fleet. As a result some non-alternative-fuel vehicles have been eliminated from NSA's fleet resulting in significant cost savings. In fact as their leases terminate some of our fleet vehicles will be replaced with hybrid vehicles. NSA will continue to transition its fleet to more fuel-efficient and cleaner alternatives helping to save taxpayer dollars and the environment!

The new "green fleet" is only one way in which NSA is moving to renewable technologies.