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NSA's Energy Conservation Efforts

NSA has implemented many different energy conservation measures, including campus-wide lighting upgrades, lighting occupancy sensors, high efficiency windows, variable speed drives on large motors, campus-wide Energy Management and Control System building automation, life-cycle equipment replacement using "right-sizing" engineering design, Energy Star Compliant equipment in new construction and renovation projects, and much more.

NSA's replacement of inefficient windows and lighting has resulted in substantial savings in annual energy costs and the direct reduction of carbon monoxide (CO) emissions. Likewise, replacing chillers and air handlers with more efficient units has saved on energy costs and reduced CO emissions equivalent to the amount produced by150 homes per year.

Because technology is always changing, NSA continues to look at renewable "clean energy" technologies such as hydro, biomass, geothermal, solar (photovoltaic), and wind. Renewable energy produces few-to-no hazardous emissions or pollutants and has a minimal impact on fragile ecosystems. Although not always practical for large-scale applications because of installation costs, building style, environment, and locality restrictions, these technologies may be a good fit for smaller building applications. As renewable energy technology becomes more refined and cost effective, NSA will incorporate them into its business practices.