Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility

NSA sets the highest standard for fairness and maintaining an inclusive environment.


At NSA, we hold ourselves to the highest standard when it comes to fairness and maintaining a welcoming and inclusive environment for every employee. Our diversity and inclusion strategies inform our daily operations and shape our decisions as we seek new ways to make NSA a place where every employee is valued and respected as a vital part of a unified culture. We understand that success happens when we rely on a diversity of skills and embrace the vast range of experience and perspective that results from a workforce composed of a variety of backgrounds, including race, cultures, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientation, age, and ability. This is the essence of diversity and inclusion: seeking out those who are different from ourselves and leveraging their unique perspective to enhance our own understanding. At NSA, we enrich ourselves and our mission by working together, not in spite of differences, but because of them.

Employee Resource Groups

We offer employee resource groups (ERGs) to foster a unified culture. These ERGs are NSA's expression of federally-mandated Special Emphasis Programs and are a driving force for promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion at the agency. With an offering of nearly a dozen ERGs with active chapters across the global enterprise, NSA civilian and military employees are encouraged to participate in one or more ERG. These employee-led groups are composed of individuals from every aspect the mission working together to foster an inclusive and unified culture where everyone is not only included and respected, but valued for their mission contribution.

Accessibility & Accommodations

NSA's Reasonable Accommodation program ensures all employees, including those with disabilities, have an equal opportunity to reach their highest potential and contribute fully to mission.

Discrimination Complaints

NSA takes discrimination allegations from employees, applicants, or former employees seriously.


NSA protects the rights of employees, former employees and applicants for Federal employment under Federal antidiscrimination and Whistleblower protection laws.