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Applicants may be denied an accommodation if:

  • They are not a qualified individual with a disability
  • The accommodation creates an undue hardship
  • The accommodation would introduce a risk to national security

If an accommodation cannot be supported due to undue hardship to mission or productivity requirements, alternative accommodations options are explored.

Denial decisions will include specific reasons for denial. The ORAA Reasonable Accommodations Manager will provide the denial decision to Recruitment, who will share with the applicant. 

In cases where an accommodation other than the one requested is offered, an applicant will have the opportunity to accept or reject the alternate accommodation. If the alternative accommodation is not accepted the applicant’s rejection will be documented.

If an applicant disagrees with the approved accommodation(s) or alternate accommodation, or believes their request should not have been denied, the applicant may request an appeal or reconsideration of the approved/denied accommodation(s) within ten (10) business days of the receipt of the decision in writing. The written reconsideration request can be faxed to (301) 688-5405 or emailed to reasonable_accommodations@nsa.gov.