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Below is a list of NSA/CSS historical publications. PDF or text file versions are available for most of the monographs and brochures. Printed copies of publications marked with an asterisk (*) may be requested from the Center for Cryptologic History via our online form.


Subject Title Author Date Available Format
Cipher Disk The Cipher Disk * NSA Publication   Brochure
Cryptology American Cryptology: Two Centuries of Tradition * Center for Cryptologic History   Monograph
Cryptology The Dawn of American Cryptology David A. Hatch 2019 Monograph
Cryptology Masked Dispatches: Cryptograms and Cryptology in American History, 1775-1900 * Ralph E. Weber 1993 Monograph
Rumrunners A New Kind of Detective Work Patrick Weadon 2001 Brochure
Revolutionary War Revolutionary Secrets: The Secret Communications of the American Revolution Jennifer Wilcox 2012 Brochure
Cryptology The Voynich Manuscript - an Elegant Enigma * M. E. D'Imperio 1978 Monograph