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Below is a list of NSA/CSS historical publications. PDF or text file versions are available for most of the monographs and brochures. Printed copies of publications marked with an asterisk (*) may be requested from the Center for Cryptologic History via our online form.


Subject Title Author Date Available Format
Caracristi Ann's War: One Woman's Journey to the Codebreaking Victory over Japan David Sherman 2019 Monograph
Tiltman Brigadier John Tiltman: A Giant Among Cryptanalysts * John Clabby 2007 Brochure
Friedman The Friedman Legacy: A Tribute to William and Elizebeth Friedman* Center for Cryptologic History 1992 Monograph

Audio Files

Rumrunners Listening to the Rumrunners: Radio Intelligence during Prohibition * David P. Mowry 2014 Brochure
Tordella In Memoriam Dr. Louis Tordella David A. Hatch   Brochure
Driscoll The Neglected Giant: Agnes Meyer Driscoll Kevin W. Johnson 2015 Monograph