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Dedication to the Nation

US Capital Dome NSA/CSS employees are Americans first, last, and always. We treasure the U.S. Constitution and the rights it secures for all the people. Each employee takes a solemn oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

But supporting and defending mean much more. They mean a commitment to upholding the federal laws, executive orders, and regulations that govern our activities and to protecting the people's rights and privacy. In a world in which privacy has become illusory in so many areas of our lives, NSA/CSS maintains the highest standards of integrity and lawful action.

The public should be confident that NSA/CSS activities are subject to strict scrutiny and oversight both from outside and from within. External bodies such as the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI), the President's Intelligence Oversight Board, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Justice provide oversight to ensure this Agency's adherence to U.S. laws and regulations. Internally, the Office of the Inspector General conducts inspections, audits, and investigations to make certain that NSA/CSS operates with integrity, efficiency, and effectiveness, while the Office of the General Counsel provides legal advice. Most importantly, each NSA/CSS employee is charged with knowing, understanding, and obeying to the fullest the laws of the Nation.

All of us who are privileged to serve the people as members of the NSA/CSS community honor the words and spirit of the Constitution. Not only are we entrusted to protect and defend the Nation with integrity, accountability, and respect for the law, but as NSA/CSS employees and as citizens, we must do our part to "Secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity." This is our commitment.

"Every American should have confidence, as we do from our close observation of this important truth, that the ranks of the NSA are filled with dedicated and honorable people who are committed to protecting this Nation while scrupulously following the laws and procedures designed to protect the rights and liberties of Americans."

Sen. John D. Rockefeller, IV,
Chairman, U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence


Date Posted: Jan 15, 2009 | Last Modified: Jan 15, 2009 | Last Reviewed: Jan 15, 2009