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TEMPEST product descriptions are provided by the vendor without modification by the U.S. Government. NSA is not responsible for the accuracy or content of the product descriptions.

Last Revised: 12/13/2005

Title: TEMPEST Level I
Status: Certified
Category: Switch, Thin Client
Manufacturer: Advanced Programs, Inc.
Model: TC/MLS-Te
Description: The DRS Technologied, Inc. TC/MLS-TE TEMPEST Thin-Client/Multi-Level Switch is a platform enabling a user to operate two computes from a single keyboard, mouse, and monitor. The unit can be installed in a networked Windows environment, enabling users to open Windows and run applications on a secure and/or non secure network or workstation. The TC/MLS-TE consists of an Interactive Link Multiple Computer Switch based on the Tenix IL-MCS, a Windows-based Thin Client Terminal based on a Wyse model Winterm 3230LE along with a power supply and fan all housed in a single enclosure. The enclosure is suitable for placement on a desktop so that a monitor can be placed on top. It is also suitable for placement in an office where aesthetics are important. The basic configuration is as follows: One (1) Wyse WINTERM 3230LE Thin Client, One (1) Tenix IL-MCS KVM switch, power supply, and fan. The Input/Output (I/O) consists of a PS/2 keyboard and mouse and a D-type video connector for the low side PC. D-type connectors are used for the high side video, keyboard, and mouse. The power supply is a universal input 95-250VAC, 50/60 Hz. Options include the selection of Ethernet fiber optic speed and power cords, as listed below: Part Number TC/MLS-TEABCD A. Ethernet options. Values are: 1. 10Base Fiber Link (ST connector) 2. 100Base Fiber Link (ST connector) B - Power Cord options. Values are: 1. IEC 320 C-14 plug 2. 110, US plug 3. 220, European plug 4. 220, UK plug 5. 220, Denmark plug 6. 220, Australia/New Zealand plug 7. 220, US plug C - Keyboard configuration options. Values are: 0. No Keyboard 1. TEMPEST WIN95 keyboard, US 2. TEMPEST WIN95 keyboard, UK 3. TEMPEST WIN95 keyboard, French 4. TEMPEST WIN95 keyboard, German 5. TEMPEST WIN95 keyboard, Italian 6. TEMPEST WIN95 keyboard, Spanish 7. TEMPEST WIN95 keyboard, Swiss 8. TEMPEST WIN95 keyboard, Swedish D - Mouse options. Values are: 0. No mouse 1. Mouse, 3-button For example, to order a Base TEMPEST Desktop switch with a 10BaseFL, an IEC plug, and a UK Style Keyboard with Mouse; the part number would be: TC/MLS-TE1121 Options for Sparing for all models: Description Part number Tenix, KVM Box, Model IL-MCS 125-135810-001 Wyse, Winterm Thin Client Terminal, Model 3230LE 121-135759-001 Power Line Cords IEC 320C-14 plug 142-135815-001 110 volt, US plug 142-136740-001 220 volt, European plug 142-136740-002 220 volt, UK plug 142-136740-003 220 volt, Denmark plug 142-136740-005 220 volt, Australia/New Zealand plug 142-136740-006 220 volt, US plug 142-136740-007 Monitors TEMPEST 17" CRT, TCM17 Consult factory TEMPEST 15" LCD, T15LCD Consult factory TEMPEST 18" LCD, FP18T Consult factory Mouse 124-136728-001 External TEMPEST Keyboards WIN95, US KB104T-US WIN95, UK KB105T-UK WIN95, French KB105T-FR WIN95, German KB105T-GR WIN95, Italian KB105T-IT WIN95, Spanish KB105T-SP

Date Posted: Jan 15, 2009 | Last Modified: Jun 11, 2009 | Last Reviewed: Jun 11, 2009