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TEMPEST product descriptions are provided by the vendor without modification by the U.S. Government. NSA is not responsible for the accuracy or content of the product descriptions.

Last Revised: 11/16/2005

Title: TEMPEST Level I
Status: No longer produced
Category: Computer, Personal
Manufacturer: BAE Systems
Model: YT1-P/XXX-P34X
Description: The YT1-P/XXX-P34X series Personal Computer is available with either a Celeron or Pentium II processor. The 333 MHz Celeron processor has 128K integrated L2 cache and supports the 66MHz bus speed. The 350MHz through 800MHz Pentium II processors have 512K integrated L2 cache and support the 100 MHz system bus speed. The ATX form-factor motherboard incorporates the Intel 82440BX AGPset that enables the Accelerated Graphics Port (A.G.P), while increasing the system bus throughput between the processor, graphics accelerator and system memory. Three DIMM sockets provide up to a maximum of 768MB of 100 MHz SDRAM with error correction and checking (ECC). The system board also has an on-board PCI/ISA IDE Xcelerator that provides two independent channels for four IDE devices and support for the CD-ROM and Ultra DMA. The SMC FDC37C707 Super I/O Controller provides the standard PC I/O functions including floppy interface, two 16C550 compatible serial ports with FIFO, one EPP/ECP capable parallel port, a Real-time clock, and PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports. One ISA slot, three PCI slots and one shared PCI/ISA slot are supproted on the baseboard. Other system features include integrated Intel/Phoenix BIOS, onbaord A.G.P. connector, Plug and Play compatability, single-jumper configuration, Advanced Power Management (APM) 1.2, Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) 1.0, and PCI Power management. The YT1-P/XXX-P34X includes an ATI A.G.P. XPERT @ WORK graphics controller with 4 MB video DRAM, upgradeable to 8MB, installed in the A.G.P. It provides non-interlaced screen resolutions of up to 1280 x 1024 x 256 colors at 72 Hz. The YT1-P/XXX-P34X supports the 104/105 Windows95 keyboard, as well as both 15" and 17" color monitors. The system also supports Ultra DMA IDE removable drives and Ultra II Low Voltage Differential (LVD) SCSI removable drives. The YT1-P/XXX-P34X system chassis, which is 20.5 inches high by 20.5 inches deep by 7.5 inches wide in the tower orientation, can also be oriented as a desktop configuration. It has five full expansion slots (one ISA, three PCI, one shared PCI/ISA) in addition to one dedicated A.G.P The system includes an externally accessible 3.5-inch 1.44-MB diskette drive and has three 5.25-inch and two 3.5", half-height device bays accessible from behind the peripheral bay door on the front of the unit. The system has a 300-watt switching power supply which operates at 50 to 60 Hz (3.5 A @ 220 VAC/7.0 A @ 115 VAC). SECURITY FEATURES The YT1-P/XXX-P34X is equqipped with hardware and BIOS security features to safeguard the system®s integrity: - The built-in BIOS user password security feature can be enabled to provide for keyboard lock-up during the boot process. The password mst be entered prior to disk boot each time the system is powered on or reset. - A built-in BIOS adminstrative password can be enabled, which protects all sensitive setup options from being changed by an unauthorized user. Configurated Options: CPU: YT1-P/XXX-P34X BASE MODELS YT1-P/333-P34 333MHz/128K/OM/1.44MB/Video/Audio YT1-P/350-P34 350MHz/512K/OMB/1.44MB/Video/Audio YT1-P/450-P34 450MHz/512K/OMB/1.44MB/Video/Audio YT1-P/500-P34 500MHz/512K/OMB/1.44/CRT Video/Audio YT1-P/550-P34 550MHz/512K/OMB/1.44MB/CRT Video/Audio YT1-P/600-P34 600MHz/512K/)MB/1.44MB/CRT Video/Audio YT1-P/650-P34 650MHz/512K/OMB/1.44MB/CRT Video/Audio YT1-P/700-P34 700MHz/512K/OMB/1.44MB/CRT Video/Audio YT1-P750-P34 750MHz/512K/OMB/1.44MB/CRT Video/Audio YT1-P/800-P34 800MHz/512K/OMB/1.44MB/CRT Video/Audio YT1-P333L-P34 333MHz/128K/OMB/1.44MB/LCD Video/Audio YT1-P350L-P34 350MHz/128K/OMB/1.44MB/LCD Video /Audio YT1-P450L-P34 450MHz/128K/OMB/1.44MB/LCD Video/ Audio YT1-P500L-P34 500MHz/128K/OMB/1.44MB/LCD Video/Audio YT1-P550L-P34 550MHz/128K/OMB/1.44MB/LCD Video/Audio YT1-P600L-P34 600MHz/128K/OMB/1.44MB/LCD Video/Audio YT1-P650L-P34 650MHz/128/OMB/1.44MB/LCD Video/Audio YT1-P700L-P34 700MHz/128K/OMB/1.44MB/LCD Video/Audio YT1-P750L-P34 750MHz/128K/OMB/1.44MB/LCD Video/Audio YT1-P800L-P34 800MHz/128K/1.44MB/LCD Video/Audio Options: YT1-350MHZ-CPU 350MHZ CPU Upgrade YT1-450MHZ-CPU 450MHZ CPU Upgrade YT1-500MHZ-CPU 500MHZ CPU Upgrade YT1-550MHZ-CPU 550MHZ CPU Upgrade YT1-600MHZ-CPU 600MHZ CPU Upgrade YT1-650MHZ-CPU 650MHZ CPU Upgrade YT1-700MHZ-CPU 700MHZ CPU Upgrade YT1-750MHZ-CPU 750MHz CPU Upgrade YT1-800MHZ-CPU 800MHZ CPU Upgrade YT1-100-MEM-32 32MB 100MHZ ECC SDRAM YT1-100-MEM-64 64MB 100MHZ ECC SDRAM YT1-100-MEM-128 128MB 100MHZ ECC SDRAM YT1-4MB-VIDEO Upgrade to 8MB Video DRAM YT1-FDD-200 200MB High Speed Floppy Disk Drive YT1-IDE-CDROM IDE CDROM YT1-SC-CDROM-B SCSI CDROM YT1-DVD-CD DVD/CDROM (internal) YT1-MON-15B-T 15" color monitor YT1-MON-17B-T 17" color monitor YT1-P34VIA-15 15" Monitor VIA for P34T YT1-P34VAI-17 17" Monitor VIA for P34T YT1-PWRKIT2-AZT 15"/17" monitor country kit YT1-PWRKIT2-GET 15"/17" monitor country kit YT1-PWPKIT2-ITT 15"/17" monitor country kit YT1-PWRKIT-2UKT 15"/17" monitor country kit YT1-PWPKIT2-UST 15"/17" monitor country kit YT1-PCMCIA-P34 PCMCIA Reader YT1-10FONIC-3C 10Mbit FO NIC YT1-100FONIC-3C 100Mbit FO NIC YT1-IDE-4GB-T 4GB IDE Drive YT1-IDE-6GB-T 6GB IDE Drive YT1-IDE-10GB-T 10GB IDE Drive YT1-IDE-12GB-T 12.9GB IDE Drive YT1-IDE-16GB-T 16GB IDE Drive YT1-LVD-4GB 4GB SCSI 2 LVD drive YT1-LVD-9GB 9GB SCSI 2 LVD drive YT1-LVD-18GB 18GB SCSI 2 LVD drive YT1-DDS3 24GB DAT YT1-TRAY-LVD SCSI 2 LVD drive tray YT1-SCSI-LVD SCSI 2 LVD Controller YT1-WIN95-KB-AZ YT1-WIN95-KB-AZ YT1-WIN95-KG-GE Windows95 Keyboard-German YT1-WIN95-KB-IT YT1-WIN95-KB-Italian YT1-WIN95-KB-UK Windows95 Keyboard-United Kingdom YT1-WIN95-KB-US Windows95 Keyboard-United States YT1-W95-KIA-P34 WIN95 Keyboard Interface Adapter YT1-MOUSE2-T PS/2 Mouse-Right YT1-MOUSE2-L PS/2 Mouse-Left

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