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XpressStation 4-Te

TEMPEST product descriptions are provided by the vendor without modification by the U.S. Government. NSA is not responsible for the accuracy or content of the product descriptions.

Last Revised: 12/13/2005

Title: TEMPEST Level I
Status: No longer produced
Category: Workstation
Manufacturer: Advanced Programs, Inc.
Model: XpressStation 4-Te
Description: The XpressStation/4-Te is a high-performance workstation that is based on Intel Corporation®s Xpress system architecture. The system may be configured with a choice of 33 MHz or 66 MHz i486DX processors or Intel®s 90 MHz or 100 MHz Pentium processor, memory to 128 MB, Disk capacity from 245 MB to 3.6 GB, CD-ROM drive, and Tape back-up from 250 MB to 2.2 GB. The XpressStation/4-Te also provides network connectivity with Ethernet (16/32-bit AUI) or Fiber Optic (16-bit) network interfaces. The system was engineered around a 32-bit EISA bus architecture and provides a variety of performance levels to address the unique requirements for microcomputer applications, Unix Workstations, and Network Servers. The XpressStation/4-Te offers five peripheral drives and a 230 watt (110V/220V) switchable power supply for maximum configuration flexibility. The system base unit and configuration options are listed below.
Part NumberDescription
XS-33BASE 486DX, 33 MHz Tower system with 4 MB RAM, SVGA graphics controller, SCSI Disk controller, (2) RS232 ports, (1) Centronics parallel port
Memory and Processor Options
486UPG66 Upgrade XS-33BASE to 66 MHz, i486DX processor
XS-PENT90 Upgrade XS-33BASE to 90 MHz, Pentium processor
XS-PENT100 Upgrade XS-33BASE to 100 MHz, Pentium processor
XS-CACHE 128 KB Cache Module
XS-SIMM08 8 MB memory (total)
XS-SIMM16 16 MB memory (total)
XS-SIMM32 32 MB memory (total)
XS-SIMM64 64 MB memory (total)
XS-SIMM128 128 MB memory (total)
Drive Options
XS-FD144 1.44 MB floppy drive
XS-FD124 1.44 MB and 1.2 MB combined floppy drive
XS-SC240 245 MB SCSI removable hard disk
XS-SC425 425 MB SCSI removable hard disk
CS-SC1GB 1.2 GB SCSI removable hard disk
XS-TP250 250 MB SCSI cartridge tape drive
XS-DAT 2.2 GB SCSI (DAT) tape drive
XS-SCSI SCSI Controller Board (additional)
XS-EXSCSI External SCSI interface connector
XS-ENET16 Ethernet 16-bit (AUI)
XS-ENET32 Ethernet 32-bit EISA (AUI)
XS-FIBENET Fiber Optic network interface (ST)
XS-COM2D9 2-channel communication board w/DB9 ports
XS-COM2D25 2-channel communication board w/DB25 ports
XS-C1P1D9 1-channel communications board (DB9) w/1 parallel port
XS-C1P1D25 1-channel communications board (DB25) w/1 parallel port
XS-COM4 4-channel communications board (DB9)
XS-COM8 8-channel communications board (DB9)
Video, Keyboard, and Miscellaneous Options
XS-ATISVGA SVGA graphics board (OS/2 presentation manager)
SMPO14US15P-TE 14" SVGA Color monitor (1024 x 768)
VIEW17US15P-TE 17" SVGA Color monitor (1024 x 768)
WMOUSE 3-button Mechanical Mouse
KB101T-US United States keyboard
KB102T-UK United Kingdom keyboard
KB102T-SP Spanish keyboard
KB102T-FR French keyboard
KB102T-GR German keyboard
KB102T-IT Italian keyboard
KB102T-SF Swiss keyboard
KB102T-SW Swedish keyboard
LINECRD-ER European 220V line cord (System)
LINECRD-UK United Kingdom 240V line cord (System)
LINECRD-DM Denmark 220V line cord (System)
LINECRD-AZ Australia/New Zealand 220V line cord (System)


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