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LaserJet V-Te

TEMPEST product descriptions are provided by the vendor without modification by the U.S. Government. NSA is not responsible for the accuracy or content of the product descriptions.

Last Revised: 10/23/2003

Title: TEMPEST Level I
Status: No longer produced
Category: Printer, Laser
Manufacturer: DRS Advanced Programs, Inc.
Model: LaserJet V-Te
Description: The NAI LaserJet V-Te is based on Hewlett Packard®s LaserHet 5 Printer. The printer offers 4MB RAM standard, prints at 12 pages-per-minute, and features 600 dpi resolution in text and graphics. The printer offers HP's hot I/O technology. This technology permits users to utilize the printers standard Serial and Parallel interfaces simultaneously. Optional interfaces are available with the printer that include Fiberoptic, AUI and Coax. The LaserJet V-Te provides Postscript as an option. When the printer is ordered with Postscript, the printer automatically senses whether applications are PCL or Postscript and switches to the appropriate printer language. Standard paper input capacity is 250-sheets. A 500-sheet lower cassette tray maybe ordered optionally with the printer. Separate base models must be specified for 115V, or 220/240V AC options. Ordering Information: Base Printer
* LASER5-BASEUS 110/120 VAC Laser 5-Te Base Printer
* LASER5-BASE220 220/240 VAC Laser 5-Te Base Printer
Memory and Postscript Options:
* LASER5-MEM01 1MB SIMM Module (HP C3130A)
* LASER5-MEM02 2 MB SIMM Module (HP C3131A)
* LASER5-MEM04 4 MB SIMM module (HP C3132A)
* LASER5-MEM08 8 MB SIMM Module (HP C3133A)
* LASER5-MEM16 16 MB SIMM Module (HP C3146A)
* LASER5-FLASH02 2 MB Flash SIMM (HP C3930A)
* LASER5-FLASH04 4 MB Flash SIMM (HP C3931A)
* LASER5-POST Postscript Level 2 SIMM with 2 MB Memory (HP C3918A)
Interface Options:
* LASER-ENETAUI Ethernet AUI Port (HP J2552A plus Converter Board)
* LASER5-ENETBNC Ethernet BNC Port (HP J2552A)
* LASER5-FIBER Fiber Optic Port (HP J2552A plus Converter Board)
Software Options:
* LASER5-HPUX HP-UX Software for ENET and FIBER Options (HP J2374C)
* LASER5-SUNUNIX Sun UNIX Software for ENET and FIBER Options (HP J2375C)
Line Cord Options (for LASER5-BASE220):
* LINECRDSHLD-ER 220/240 VAC Line Cord for Europe
* LINECRDSHLD-UK 220/240 VAC Line Cord for United Kingdom
* LINECRDSHLD-DM 220/240 VAC Line Cord for Denmark
* LINECRDSHLD-SF 220/240 VAC Line Cord for Switzerland
* HC3926A2 50 Sheet A4 Paper Tray
* HC3921A Lower Tray Base with 500 Sheet Adjustable Paper Tray
* HC3923A 500 Sheet Adjustable Paper Tray
* H92298A Microfine Toner Cartridge
* HC3927A Power Envelope Feeder
* HC3920A Duplex Unit


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