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Emcon MP-45

TEMPEST product descriptions are provided by the vendor without modification by the U.S. Government. NSA is not responsible for the accuracy or content of the product descriptions.

Last Revised: 07/14/2006

Title: TEMPEST Level I
Status: No longer produced
Category: Printer
Manufacturer: Emanation Control (EMCON) Ltd.
Model: Emcon MP-45
Description: The MP-45 TUFF Printer is a thermal message printer designed for use with messaging terminals like the KL43 cryptographic terminal. This portable, rugged printer features built in test, easy touch function keys and is equipped with a single auto sensing RS232 serial/Centronics parallel interface. The MP-45 has been tested to Mil-STD-461C and has proven reliable for use in military environments. Specifications: * Single autoselect parallel/serial input (DB-25) * 3K buffer storage * MTBF: 5000 Hours * MTTR: under 1 hour * Built in test * Battery Save mode * Format: 22-80 columns * Character Set: Extended ASCII * Print Resolution: 200 DPI * Print Speed: up to 240 CPS at 10CPI (40 column mode) Physical: * Size: 4"H x 11"W x 7"D * Weight: Less than 10 Lbs * Paper: 4.4" width max. Environmental:
* Temperature:Operating 0 to 50 degrees C
Storage -32 to +65 degrees C
* Humidity: 10% to 80%
* Altitude: to 40,000 feet
* Vibration: MIL-STD-810D, Method 514.3 Procedure II
* Shock: MIL-STD-810D, Method 516.3 Procedure IV
* Sand & Dust: MIL-STD-810D, Method 510.2 Procedures I/II
* Rain: MIL-STD-810D, Method 506.2 Procedure I
* Inclination: through 180 degrees operating
* Operating Noise: Less than 50dB(A)
Battery: Greater than 30 minutes continuous printing Recharge Time: Less than 18 hours when connected to 120 VAC or 240 VAC Options: * Spare Batteries * Carrying Case

Date Posted: Jan 15, 2009 | Last Modified: Jun 11, 2009 | Last Reviewed: Jun 11, 2009