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TEMPEST product descriptions are provided by the vendor without modification by the U.S. Government. NSA is not responsible for the accuracy or content of the product descriptions.

Last Revised: 12/13/2005

Title: TEMPEST Level I
Status: No longer produced
Category: Monitor, Color
Manufacturer: Advanced Programs, Inc.
Model: T20SE-IITE
Description: The T20SE-IITE is a level I, tempestized version of the Sony Electronics Inc. Model 20seII Trinitron Graphic Display. The monitor is a 20 inch color display capable of resolutions up to 1600 dots by 1200 lines. The monitor features automatic horizontal scan sync from 30kHz to 96kHz and vertical scan sync from 48Hz to 160Hz. The display colors are unlimited. The operating interface offered will be DB25 style with 5 coax connectors. Options will include a rackmount conversion kit. Power for the monitor is 115/230VAC at 50/60Hz autoswitching.

Date Posted: Jan 15, 2009 | Last Modified: Jun 11, 2009 | Last Reviewed: Jun 11, 2009