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Presentey 875T

TEMPEST product descriptions are provided by the vendor without modification by the U.S. Government. NSA is not responsible for the accuracy or content of the product descriptions.

Last Revised: 02/14/2005

Title: TEMPEST Level I
Status: No longer produced
Category: Facsimile, Secure
Manufacturer: Presentey Engineering Prod. Ltd.
Model: Presentey 875T
Description: The Presentey Engineering 875T is a desk-top plain paper digital laser facsimile transceiver based on the Ilex Systems Inc. Model 875 Security Fax. The 875T TEMPEST plain paper facsimile is uniquely configured with auto-selectable dual-bin, paper cassettes for letter and legal size sheets, plus a 30 page automatic document feeder. The 875T provides either synchronous or asynchronous digital communications through STU-III, STU-II, KG-84A/C, KY-57/58/68 or other GFE encryption equipment. Interfaces types: RS-232C Digital - asynchronous (2.4kbps - 19.2kbps) (lower speeds optional) - synchronous (2.4kbps - 16kbps) Scanning Method: - Horizontal: Flatbed scanning with contact image sensor - Vertical: Inermittent scanning by stepper motor Recording Method: Electro-photographic laser beam printing on cut sheet plain paper Standard Protocols Supported: MIL-STD-188-161C Type 1 and STANAG 5000 Type 1 CCITT Nonstandard (Modified G3) Protocols Supported: R3312/TA, R2112T (both synchronous & asynchronous) and V3500T (Rev. A & B) Copy Contrast Control: Three selections available: Darker, lighter, auto. Halftone reproduction capability controlled by 16 levels of gray scale Original Document Size: Maximum 11" x 39.4", Minimum 6.4" x 2.9" Recording Paper Size: 8.5" x 11" or 14" (500 sheets maximum) Additional Features: *Auto Reduction *Auto protocol detection in receive and transmit mode *5-second fast scan to memory to save operator time *Standard and fine resolutions with 3-level contrast control *Transmission/reception, activity and configuration reports *Copy Mode *Auto-dial, polling and turn-around polling capabilities *Statistical multiplexer, X.25 PAD and digital PBX compatible *Reduction Scaling *Two-way ASCII terminal mode Dimensions: 18.7"W x 19.0"D x 9.0"H (excluding trays and other projections) Weight: 55 lbs. Power: 115/230 VAX, 50/60 Hz (internally switchable); 570 watts CONFIGURED OPTIONS:
* Model 875TBasic configuration
* Model 875T-DBasic configuration plus Dual Mode operation as defined in MIL-STD-188-161C Type 1 providing the standard digital output plus an analog output for interoperability with CCITT Group 3 facsimile equipment.


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